Did you know? from RMS

Bi-weekly newsletter, March 28, 2012


Did you know - when you make changes to your network you may cause problems with your POS system? If you are planning to change internet service providers (ISP) or make changes to the IP address scheme on your network, we highly recommend you consult with us first. ISPs will often tell you that what they are doing will have no impact on the systems on your network, but this is not always the case. Whether or not your systems are impacted is dependent on many variables. Our support team can help you evaluate these changes in advance to ensure a smooth transition. So, please make the call -- it's free and it may save you hours of frustration.

Did you know - you can edit your Methods of Payment in our Delivery Module? If you want to customize which Methods of Payments are available in the Order Entry process screen, go to the Cash Management section and click the Methods of Payment button. Select the button entitled Delivery MOP's in the bottom left corner of the screen. This brings up the Delivery Methods of Payment screen where you can add or remove MOP's that appear in the Payment drop down field in the Delivery Order Entry screen . When you are satisfied with the methods of payment that are showing under the Selected column, you can set which of those methods you'd like to use as the default by selecting it in the Default Delivery MOP field. Click OK when you are done and then Exit the MOP Editor.

Did you know - RMS can order additional replacement keys for your Cash Drawers? Have you or your employees mistakenly lost or misplaced a key to one of your cash drawers? There is an easy solution that frees you from the burden of sharing a single key for manual cash drawer entry! Even if it has been years since the unit was purchased, if you are in need of a replacement key for your MMF Heritage or Advantage line cash drawers, RMS will be able to order and ship keys directly to you! Simply locate the 4 digit key number on any existing key or the face of the lock and RMS will handle the rest. For more information contact us at 877-767-1060 or send us an email with your request.

Did you know - adding Bin Locations to products will save you time and make inventory management much easier? Setting Bin Locations on items saves time and money when printing shelf labels, counting inventory, running reports, and keeping up with daily product maintenance. Bin Locations will allow you to group small sections of products together for more of a streamlined approach to inventory management instead of running all over the store. To assign a bin location to an item, open product manager and select (...) next to bin location. You can highlight an existing Bin Location or select "Add" to create a new bin location. Once you highlight the bin location select "Ok" and then F7 to save changes in product manager. For more information click this link to see a quick video.

Did you know - you can create Compare and Save shelf talkers using the Star~Plus Label program? That's right, now you can print your own Compare & Save shelf talkers to promote your private label products. We have received files from both Cardinal and AmerisourceBergen with every private label product and the UPC for the brand equivalent. If you are using a different vendor or different private label line, you can enter the information manually or request a product file from your private label vendor with the brand equivalent UPC. Please watch the short video in this link to see how simple it is to use this feature.


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